Story Films for Business
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Click “PLAY” to find out how the power of Story Films can help transform your business. Convey your message with impact. Make an emotional connection with your audience-tap into what really matters to prospects, customers, employees or shareholders. Let Innovative Communications help tell your story!


Story Films help your business come across as authentic and engaging. Great content is a powerful marketing tool. Storytelling allows a connection on an emotional level not possible with the simple reporting of facts. No matter how impressive the credentials or compelling the facts, gathering and grafting those experiences into a Story Film will greatly improve your chance of success.

Story Films are the framework of your identity-the deep WHY of your business, the benefits gained in using your product or service, combined with strong visual images that powerfully convey the persona of your business.

You can create impact in your content marketing with Story Films-storytelling that can help shape your brand, position you as an authority as well as make you stand out and be memorable in your field.

Great Story Films can also fuel conversations, allow businesses to be a trusted source, and grow your audience on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. How your content is crafted and presented is a huge determinant of its social success. Story Films helps motivate prospects, customers and employees to retell your story and spread the word. The best corporate storytelling comes from bringing out the humanity in a company. Have you shared enough so that others will care?

It doesn’t matter if you are creating a business-to-business brand, a business-to-consumer brand, or you as a personal brand. Story Films can help strike a relevant chord in your prospects minds.

Story Films in your business communications can help you get the results you need— in your social media, brand advertising, website, client presentations, staff communications, annual meetings and more. Visual stories help motivate, shape thoughts and feelings and move people towards desired actions. But you shouldn’t just tell ANY story-it should be the RIGHT story that is strategic and relevant. That’s where we can help.

Story Films are all about engagement and interaction, in which the audience is just as active a participant as the storyteller. Don’t be passive with your corporate communications any longer. Convince, captivate, boost loyalty and make a personal connection with Story Films by Innovative Communications.