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What is storytelling? Visual Storytelling can take many forms-with a few different varieties shown below.  How can a production company help small business, large companies and business management with their marketing communications, web marketing, branding and more?  Story Films can help externally and internally.  For internet video marketing, they can be Success Stories, Business News–the possibilities are endless-a visual Business Times for your company-helping you better connect to your audience in an enjoyable, easy to digest way.  Visual Story Films are also more memorable, and involve audiences in a deeper level.

Below are some samples of some of my Online Marketing Story Films, from a variety of client types-including entrepreneurs and non-for-profits.  I’ve also got some great Story Films used for companies internally which can’t be shared in a public forum because of their proprietary nature.


Storytelling can add life, excitement and whimsy to otherwise cut and dry videos.  Follow the red ballon as it leads travelers on a adventure of discovery through DuPage County in a piece created for DuPage Convention & Visitors Bureau…

How would you like to be unforgettable to your potential customers?  If you’re a start-up company, how do you get noticed?  Why should people invest in your brand?  Use Story Films to better connect and tell YOUR story.

One of the best ways to promote and sell a product or service is through the use of a video Story Film.  Here, Robert A. Moylan, LCPC, a clinical therapist and author, tells people about his two new books.  Story Films can be repurposed in many ways-on websites, on Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.  This Story Film is also being used on to help Robert more fully explain why and how his books can be of benefit to people (and to hopefully sell a lot of books!).

Documentaries are all about Story.  Visual Story Films go even deeper, showing as well as telling.  This is a trailer for a short documentary that I’m working on, that shows Living History at work.

Who says you can’t make a living as an artist?  These working creatives dispel that myth.  Thanks to the teachings of Sheryl of Artful Work, artists and other creative individuals learn how to be successful at what they love to do.  Testimonials are a great way to let your customers do the talking.  Here is a strong example of that.

There are many ways to get results with Story Films.  This is a film we created for Visual Academics for an online contest for the education field.  The goal was to stand out, get attention, and emotionally connect to viewers.  We’re happy to say that Janel was a winner, and on the strength of her entry, had the opportunity to present her project to a panel of venture capitalists and others (as well as 300 educational publishers).  Story Films get results!

Besides businesses and entrepreneurs, we also help create Story Films for non-for-profits, to help inspire people, and to also make volunteers feel involved and invigorated after an event. One of the wonderful groups out there is an organization called Global Hope.  This is a Story Film that shows their efforts at work at a summer event benefitting veterans.

Tourism is another area that can benefit from Story Films, because of the visual nature.  This web video showcased things to see and do in the Oakbrook Terrace area, as well as giving viewers a peak at the hotel offerings.  Stories don’t always need to be narrated.  This Story Film unfolds through the eyes of a woman business traveller, a young couple out for a nice evening, and a family looking for fun things to see and do.  It’s a great example of how Story Films can help connect by showing, instead of just telling.