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About Keith

Watch the Story Film to find out more about Keith Kelly, Business Story Coach with Innovative Communications.


I’m a Business Story Coach with Innovative Communications, based in Naperville, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago).  I work personally with my clients locally and across the U.S., helping them motivate, inspire and connect with their audiences through the use of short Story Films.



I formed my own company in 1990, but have been involved in Story and Storytelling almost my entire life.  Check out my Story Film above for the longer version, but here is my diverse roster of some of my experiences:

•  Ventriloquist and Puppeteer, Professional Actor, Professional Super Hero (really!), Degree in Broadcast Production with Minor in Theatre, Radio Disc Jockey, Artist (graphics, editorial cartoons, murals), Musician (trumpet & baritone), Professional Speaker, Movie Critic (Naperville Sun & online video reviews), Filmmaker

I started this journey in the early 1970s.  Each of my abilities and experiences has helped me grow as a storyteller to better serve you.



Every brand and company has remarkable stories just waiting to be told.  Let me be your partner.

It’s now a YouTube world.  Whether you’re looking to leverage the strength of storytelling for your marketing strategies, or to evoke change within your workforce, I can bring your story to life.

I have worked with satisfied clients across the U.S.–entrepreneurs, small and large businesses, start-ups and well established companies–helping them sell more, better brand themselves, enhance communication and influence their employees.

Visual Storytelling is equal parts writing, filming, editing, art, music and performance.  Those terms also sum up my life.  Let me use my unique talents to help you get the results you’re looking for.



Want to know more about me?  Read some of my blogs, or check me out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube (links are at the top of this page).

Feel free to contact me at any time on any issue like:

•  “I know I need a Story Film, but don’t know where to start.”

•  “How can I get better results with my website?”

•  “I’ve got some great ideas, but I’m not a writer or a filmmaker.”

•  “How do I grab the attention of my employees?”

So here are your action items:  HIRE ME, CONTACT ME, OR HELP ME!

Let’s get started!




Tania Jarvinen •  Founder, Fine Artist & Textile Artisan

“I’m no good in front of the camera or a crowd… but look what Keith Kelly did for me through my biz video! Amazing! Everyone loves it! Great way to market, and present to leave a lasting impression. Great way to teach and present to others. We all like to connect with others and work with people, not industries… and so this tool is great to make anything/product/business more personable… I highly recommend Keith and his expertise!”

Robert A. Moylan, LCPC   Author of “Emotional Core Therapy” and “Emotional Core Therapy for Adolescents”

“Keith was highly professional during the whole process.  I not only liked the process-I loved it!  This was a new experience for me, as I was not used to working in front of a camera.  I was very nervous at first.  Keith was very patient and walked me through the process from beginning to end, making me very comfortable.  He did a fantastic job of getting me to confidently articulate the highlights of both my books, which were seamlessly interwoven in the final edited video.  Keith’s video also helped me get on a national radio show!  I highly recommend Keith to any business professional.”


Pam Hutton, PR & Marketing Supervisor • Lockport Township Park District

“Keith’s video of Lockport’s WWII Re-Enactment highlights realistic portrayals of the event in an innovative and professional way by focusing on the action and history of this World War:  camera views from inside the battlefield allow the viewer to get a first-hand look of what war looks like from a soldier’s perspective.  Moreover, interviews from the re-enactors add to the history and portrays their passion for a more inclusive look and feeling-thereby getting as close to the REAL war as possible.

Matt Stedman   Matt Stedman Music Incorporated

“The number of inquires I received quadrupled after Keith posted our video.  In addition, I was able to convert over ¾ of these new clients into sales because of the effect of the video.  Numerous potential clients from all over the country have booked our band because they were able to see us perform via our internet video as they couldn’t travel to see us perform live.  All of our clients were exceptionally impressed with our video, especially in comparison to the majority of other bands’ videos that were far less professional. 

Having a video for your business is paramount, and I am very thankful to Keith Kelly for making us a highly professional video that has directly correlated into a large increase in my company’s revenue.  Keith has a wonderful gift, and I would strongly recommend his services.”


 Neil Hansen, MAT Certified Specialist, RTS, CTA Certified Life Coach •  Owner and President Fitness Werks Health and Wellness

“I provide a service that is very difficult to explain and is not well known, so the best solution to create awareness for what I do was to create a video.  Keith Kelly helped me develop a video for my services that far exceeded my expectations.  The video itself has not only helped my potential customers understand what it is we do in a very clear and concise way, but many of my peers now link to this video from their own sites to help retain customers.  I can say this video has helped me not only increase this aspect of my business, but having such a professionally done video adds credibility-not only with my potential customers, but with my peers as well.”


 Mary Lothrop  Past President of Global Hope

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the incredible work you have done with the Global Hope Videos.  Over the past year I have noticed an increase in participation, volunteer activity and just general “buzz” around Global Hope.  I often hear from people that they were watching this video or that video on our site, and it helped push them to volunteer or give.  The videos make our work come alive and people are connecting and responding.

 Your work in particular is so intuitive and crisp.  You really have a way of capturing the essence of each event.  You make it appear effortless and easy-and I know it isn’t.  You have simply mastered your craft and it shows.

 Our sincerest thanks to you for your progressive ideas, keen eye and professionalism.”


 Lori Hilson Cioromski • President & CEO TH Hilson Company

 “Keith has the uncanny ability to perfectly capture the essence of our messages and put them into meaningful videos that work.  He quickly understand the objectives of the video, is professional, attentive and discrete.  I’ve used him on 4 projects, and will definitely use him again in the future.”


Nancy J. Hill •  Author

“Keith is professional, creative and a delight to work with. He knows how to tell a story and make it captivating. I highly recommend Keith and his work to all who want the world to their story.”