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Why your business needs R.O.E.-”Return on Emotion”

Strolling along the web looking at advertising, you hear a lot of entrepreneurs and business leaders mention that they have “passion” for what they do-“I’m passionate about selling insurance” or “doing my job well is my passion”.  But when you read or watch the rest of their statements you might not discover any real underlying passion there-just the same kind of stock corporate language that doesn’t get to the real heart of the person or business.  Where’s the passion?

Their declarations don’t move you.  They don’t inspire you.  They don’t cause you to act.  And adding the word “passion” to the Vision Statement or commercial doesn’t make any extra impact.

What’s missing is true emotion-a deeper, more personal look inside to find out what really burns inside that businessperson or company and lends an insight to their true purpose and motivation.  Why is this important to your business?  People justify their choices with logic, but buy on emotion.

It can be a challenge translating this authentic vision to your audience, but it can pay big dividends, giving you some great R.O.E.-“Return on Emotion”.  Don’t be boring.  Be human!

Your customers want to be inspired.  As E. M. Foster once said:  “One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.”  Buyers want to do business with people who actually believe in their products and services.  In this age, many people already distrust marketing.  But a human, emotional approach can help get past that distrust and make a huge difference in how others perceive your company, service or product.

Story is a wonderful way to share your purpose.  Who are you?  What do you do better than anyone else in the world?  What purpose do you share with your customers?  Why did you start your career, and keep at it despite the hurdles and setbacks?

Talk about your obsession to be the best at what you do, or how your product or service can change people’s lives.  Explain how you followed your heart-despite the loud shouts of everyone else to pack it in.  Share your story.  It gives context to your communications.

By adding emotional story films to your marketing materials, you can charge people up from the inside-not the outside, and affect greater change.  Tie into the emotional desires of your prospects, show them why you matter and you can transform how people feel about your brand.  Emotional visual storytelling can tie facts together with feelings and help people better understand why your brand matters in significant ways.

Evoking emotions helps people act.  And isn’t that what great marketing is supposed to be all about-getting prospects to do something-picking up that phone, asking for more information, or placing that order?  Make it easy for them by evoking emotions.  Do it right, and you’ll get some great R.O.E-return on your emotions.

There are interesting stories behind every company.  Let Innovative Communications help tell your story with emotionContact Us for a free consultation today.

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