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Why websites need Stories with compelling content

I saw some interesting Facebook stats today–55% of consumers who have “liked” a page later decided they didn’t want to see posts from the company, 43% go to the company’s page and “unlike” them.

Do you think your company is included in this exodus away from your page?  People today are tired of being inundated with sales pitches and heavy duty marketing messages.  I know I’ve gone from enjoying posts to really disliking a company because of a too steady barrage of messages that are nothing more than ads thinly designed as content.  But audiences are smart today.  They know how to fast-forward past ads–literally and figuratively.  So how do you connect to audiences without “selling” to them?

One of the keys is creating relevant content that actually helps your customers, that solves a problem, that makes some part of their life easier.  Stories help make sense of your content, and gives it the power of emotional connection with your audience.  To quote business author and speaker Tom Peters:  

“Story is more powerful than the brand.  The best story wins.  I am–simply, unabashedly, out loud, screaming, and shouting–saying, focus on the quality of your storytelling.  Turn that complex idea into storytelling.”

The companies that are going to be left behind are the old-school guys, who spend the majority of their marketing dollars on traditional adds, and “push” style marketing.  The smart companies are the ones who know that content is king, and that Story is essential for companies, organizations and brands to engage consumers-stories that are fun and entertaining-stories with deeper meaning that can resonate with viewers.  Visual stories-short Story Films can motivate fans and drive viewer conversations from one fan to another and are a perfect fit for websites, blogs and all the social networks.  When they are done properly-with creativity and passion-they can make a huge difference in the way your company is perceived.

When is the last time you shared a pushy ad with one of your friends?  I bet never.  Companies need the new content driven marketing approach to appeal to the “opt-in” culture.  Your competition isn’t just other companies-it is other companies that tell a better story.

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