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Visual Stories and Deeper Content Can Help Businesses Succeed

There has been a lot said in the press the last few years about the power of storytelling, and why businesses need to jump on the bandwagon.  But to stand out, to get traction with your story, to have greater impact, you might want to think about Visual Storytelling with deeper content instead.  Why?  Well think about this old proverb:

“Tell me and I’ll forget;

Show me and I may remember;

Involve me and I’ll understand.”

A lot of businesses tell things pretty well in their social media marketing.  Some do a decent job at showing things.  But the “involving” part is hard to pull off, and many companies miss out on one of the greatest strengths of good communication-getting people to feel the impact of your story through the combined use of good writing, imaginative visuals and deeper storytelling content.

In social media and in digital marketing, part of the process of connecting to your audience involves using storytelling to help your audience identify with your business.  More thoughtful Visual stories (or as we like to call them-”Story Films”) help open eyes to emotional truths in a way that the written word alone can’t match.  They also trump stories that are filled with cool visuals but lack heart.  Don’t forget about the heart folks.  Striking images or pithy short statements might be eye-catching, and gain you a few more “likes” or “followers”, but do they really help the bottom line?  Do they turn prospects into customers, or one time customers into evangelists for your brand?

Short, sweet messages do little to generate leads because they really don’t connect at a deep level.  Well thought out content pieces can entertain while also addressing the real concerns and interests of prospects and provide them with valuable information that will make their job or life easier or better.  When you speak to their concerns they build trust in your brand and an appreciation for the company that understands their interests.

Visual Storytelling goes one step further, by showing more than telling.  Sometimes a great story shouldn’t be shared in just words.  Great visual storytelling explores what it means to convey information with equal parts clarity and creativity.  An evocative image, framed correctly in a compelling story, can cut through the information overload we are faced with daily.  Be stunning, ambitious and thoughtful-smartly tie your images to your content, involve your viewers and help make the narrative come alive.  Leave your audience with a lasting memory.

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