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Story Films and Social Media

Everyday you see stories about the importance of social media-get your business on Facebook, Tweet your way to success, and on and on and on. It kinda makes you feel like a bit of a loser if your businesses is NOT taking advantage of these free tools, doesn’t it? I also know that it can be really overwhelming at times. What the heck should I post? How can I get traction once I post something? What can I say in 140 characters? How can I get people to share my posts?

It all starts with content. Unless you’ve got something decent to post, why bother? Even if you have what you feel is a great post, it won’t be read or spread unless it’s the kind of content that encourages a conversation, causes someone to add something to your post, or share their own insight. Stories are a good way to make this connection. You can get an even deeper connection with visual Story Films.

In this visual society, videos stick out from all the other text only posts because of their visual nature. Add a link to a video in your post, and you’ve got a small full color image attached to your post. Great Story Films-little mini movies- can wrap your message in an entertaining and emotional package that pulls your audience in, makes them want to continue watching and results in action. It’s these emotional stories that really help you to connect with your prospects and customers. Here is a little example of how Story Films can help influence and motivate your audience. A couple of years ago, I created a moving Story Film to be used for a non-for-profit fundraiser. It was designed to tug at the heart strings and bring to life a story of devastation and destruction-to show the human side of the tragedy-but also to inspire hope. The film was previewed for the volunteers before the event. The husband of one of the members was so moved by the video that he decided to get involved even more than he already was by volunteering the use of a few of his company trucks, supplies and manpower to help first hand with the disaster. By the story touching him personally, he was able to tell the story forward and get other involved and excited to help.

Stories help give a framework to messages, make things relatable, and are the type of content that gets commented on, liked, shared and remembered. So if you’re looking for something to post that will elicit reactions and help spread your word, start thinking about using stories or Story Films to help feed the content hungry social networks.

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