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Push vs. Pull Marketing

Are you tired of being blasted by all kinds of company messages day in and day out?  We, as consumers, have been barraged with “look at me” style marketing-”check out my company, my product, my service” etc., for decades now.  Everywhere you look, people are trying to sell you something-they are PUSHING marketing down your throats, and trying to get you to bite.  Push marketing doesn’t work very well today, partly because of the sameness of these “me” style ads.  Everybody is saying how great they are.  If everybody is so great, why pick one company over another?  How do you, as a company, stick out from the pack?

The key is storytelling content-in articles, blogs, infographics and videos-especially in videos.  Do a great job in telling your story and customers will come to you.  This “inbound” PR style approach will PULL consumers and media towards your content centers-your blogs, your websites and the social networks you’re a part of.  A message that pulls attracts: a message that pushes forces audiences away.  Pull marketing is aided greatly by storytelling, because it’s goal is to lead a conversation, to spark engagement, to grow connections.  Great stories invite audiences to participate, or help make them feel a part of the story-they are magnetic. If consumers can identify and personalize themselves in your story, they will become part of your brand-be part of your story.  You have to stop thinking of yourself as just a provider of goods or services.  You’re much more than that-as an expert in your field, you have unique ways of addressing your customer’s problems.  What are some of the ways you have made your customer’s lives better? What does your audience want to talk about, to brag about that concerns your company, product or service?  What part of your “vision” can excite or motivate others?  The more you share with others, the more often you invite others to share and participate with you, and the more your content is designed to interest instead of sell, the more visible your content will become-the more connected your audience will be.

Once your audience is connected, they will help share the responsibility of spreading your word.  Encourage them to comment, use “calls to action” and to tell you what they thought of your story.  If you tell a good enough story, they will want and need to share it with others, and it will grow exponentially.  If you craft stories that encourage involvement, you will PULL people towards your brand instead of PUSHING them away.

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