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Hold the Hype, Please!

Have you ever read some marketing copy for a business that made you wonder what world they live in?  You know the kind of copy I’m talking about-full of exaggerated claims, hyperbole filled descriptions, or too good to be true offers.  It turns you off, doesn’t it?

But I’m also guessing that you’ve probably fallen into the same trap when you’ve tried to write something yourself to sell more widgets or to help promote your business or your cause .  It’s easy to do.  Because we’re inundated with that carnival barker-like talk all day long in TV and radio commercials and in internet and email marketing, it starts to seep into your soul, and it’s awfully hard not to imitate that style when it’s your turn to be creative.  But hold the hype-please!

Let’s be honest.  No, I mean it-let’s be honest in our communications.  The majority of your potential audience hates hype, and are yearning for a company to talk to them in plain, easy-to-understand language that helps them make a more informed decision.  Forget about the hype or the cheesy language, and talk to your audience the way you would like to be spoken to. Remove garbage language, like subtle (or not-so-subtle) references to “secrets” they might learn about.  Remove those non-descriptive fluffy, overused adjectives.  Don’t appeal to greed, sensationalism or hatred.

So what’s left, when you leave out all that?  Plenty.  You can use traditional storytelling techniques to craft an open, authentic message–possibly a true, dramatic tale that talks about the reason your company was founded, a story rich with telling anecdotes that really helps illustrate what’s important, or a piece of detail-rich reality.  Be skillful with your language (while avoiding the hype) to help paint a clear and compelling picture; to make it easy for the audience to identify with your story, or to gently tug on the heartstrings.

It’s actually much easier to write about the truth, because it’s all real.  You don’t have to make up anything. Dig down deep to discover the stories within you that will help you connect to your audience and get the desired actions your company needs.  Get rid of the BS.  Let honesty and truth shine through all your communications, and you’ll be rewarded many times over.

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